Bronze Detail Package

The bronze detail is perfect for cars that are in reasonable condition, with only a hand polish required. It will provide your vehicle with every day protection against road grime, tar, bugs, tree sap and environmental fallout.

Estimated duration 12-16 hours.

  • Paintwork deep cleansed, decontaminated and clayed to remove all surface contaminants and waxes
  • Alloy wheels, wheel arches, door, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleansed
  • Paint thickness measured and a full blemish report completed
  • Delicate trims protected ready for polishing
  • The car is hand polished, a glaze is then applied to enhance the gloss and mask minor defects
  • A carnauba based wax or synthetic based sealant is applied to the exterior giving long lasting protection
  • The glass, trim and tyres are treated and alloy wheels protected
  • The interior is dry vacuumed, the trim is cleaned and dressed

Prices from £500