New Car Protection

Protecting your car from new is vital to keep it in peak condition. Most people think new cars don’t need detailed, the sad truth is new cars are never in perfect condition, most require machine polishing after dealership PDI and have little to no protection from road grime, tree sap, tar spots and environmental fallout.
New car protection details do not just protect your car.. they protect your investment.

Estimated time 12-24 hours.

We recommend if possible to ask the supplying dealer not to touch the car upon delivery.  Don’t even remove the vinyl, this will reduce the risk of defects being inflicted upon the paint

  • Paintwork deep cleansed and clayed to remove all surface contaminants and waxes.
  • Alloy wheels, wheel arches, door, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleansed
  • Paint thickness measured and a full blemish report completed
  • Delicate trims protected ready for polishing
  • Upto 1 stage of machine polishing to remove any defects
  • A carnauba based wax or synthetic based sealant is applied to the exterior giving long lasting protection.
  • The glass, trim and tyres are treated and alloy wheels protected.
  • The interior is dry vacuumed, the trim is cleaned and the seats are treated and protected.

Prices from £750