Silver Detail Package

The silver detail is perfect for customers on a budget, cars in reasonable to moderate condition or for pre sale details. With one stage of machine polishing to remove most of the defects, followed by an oily glaze to mask more of the remaining deep defects it will give your car a shine like new for less. When you’re selling a car, making it stand out in a crowded marketplace is important. First impressions count for a lot and there’s nothing that tempts a potential buyer more than viewing a car in excellent condition that looks genuinely looked after.

Estimated duration 24-36 hours

  • Paintwork deep cleansed, decontaminated and clayed to remove all surface contaminants and waxes.
  • Alloy wheels, wheel arches, door, boot and bonnet shuts deep cleansed.
  • Paint thickness measured and a full blemish report completed.
  • Delicate trims protected ready for polishing.
  • A single stage machine polish is carried out to remove the swirling and wash marring as well as to enhance the paintwork gloss.
  • A carnauba based wax or synthetic based sealant is applied to the exterior giving long lasting protection.
  • The glass, trim and tyres are treated and alloy wheels protected.
  • The interior is dry vacuumed, the trim is cleaned and dressed.

Prices from £1000